on the road again

Now Entering R.M. #231 – HAPPYLAND

After a long covid pause, I’m back on the @transcanadatrail for another 5000+ kms of everything the trail has to offer: being present for big landscapes and tiny connections, route mapping with sweet octogenarians, taking in hyper-local lingo, culture, food, ecosystems, and humans, and generally breezing through good days, bad days, and everything in between!

In other words –> 🤗 HAPPYLAND 🤗

Know anyone on the East Coast who might have a patch of grass where I can pitch my tent, a shower, or a mailbox where I can send my resupply packages? Hook me up! Teamwork makes the dream work and meeting friends of friends of friends is 100% the best part of the #TCT. We are all so connected, coast to coast to coast (and beyond!) I can’t wait to be immersed in it again, and to share it with you, too!