Quick update!

Today was a fabulous day! I saw a brilliant thunder storm, chatted with an old friend, made some new friends, went to an aerobics class, told a joke at work (in French!) and everyone laughed, received an extremely nice housewarming gift from my coworkers, AND Nobel Women’s Initiative published their “Partners For Peace” report on the fabulous peace work being done by women activists in Israel and Palestine, which I helped write! Loving life and settling in quite nicely to my new apartment, job, and life in Rwanda!

Et maitenante, I encourage everyone to go read the Partners For Peace report ! 🙂

Bonne nuit!

Reflections from my office window at UGAMA

Reflections from my office window at UGAMA

4 thoughts on “Quick update!

  1. Your blogs are fascinating and descriptive – leaving me wanting more. Thanks for sharing your adventure and can’t want to hear more. I would like to hear about what types of food are there and what your typical diet is.


    • Hi Tamara! I’ll definitely have a post in the near future on food and diet! I’m finding myself eating so much more fresh fruit and veggies than I do at home because they’re so cheap and accessible. Thanks for following! Hope your new posting is going well! : )


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