bonn voyages — The Great Trail edition


As many of you know, after almost 5 years in Vancouver I’ve decided to embark on the world’s slowest move home to the Kawarthas — on foot! I’ll be setting out in May and travelling more than 5,000kms on The Great Trail over the course of +/- 6 months.


Why?! There are so many reasons, and I hope to write more on these in the coming weeks and months, but in short: curiosity has always killed this cat. What will it be like to spend weeks on my own? Days and weeks disconnected, in nature? Will this country strike me as vast and varied when viewed at human-pace? How long will it take for my senses to sharpen? Will I fall in love with life in motion? How many gas station peanut packs can I tolerate? Will MEC grace me with discounted gear?! What will I miss? What will I fear? What will it feel like to stand in a prairie wheat field in a warm summer breeze?


I want to make space for the questions, to soak this country in, to sink into my bones, and I want to write.

If you want to support, join, or follow along:
  • Yes, walking 5,000km is an enormous undertaking. Yes, there will be a good deal of time spent scared, lonely, wet, cold, hungry, sore, unsure, and missing Bobcat, friends, family, a real bed, half decent food, and, you know, most trappings of normalcy. In anticipation of the hard times and not being able to phone a friend from the forests and fields of rural Canada, I’m hoping you might send a short message that I can read when times are tough. A favourite quote or song, some words of encouragement, a kick in the pants … email to Brendan <mccardle.brendan@gmail.combefore April 12 — he will convert them to size 5 font, no margins, ultralight paper for me to read at random when I need a boost.
  • Some of you have said in varying degrees of jest that you might like to join for a stretch of the trail. If you’re serious and willing to put in some legwork (har har!), I’ll be happy to have friendly faces on my journey. Let me know which province and/or dates you’re interested in and don’t be alarmed by my daily kilometre projections — I expect to slow a little when company comes!
  • For my armchair enthusiasts, I’ll be blogging and posting on Instagram when I happen on wifi.
  • If you have friends (or even friends of friends) in towns along the trail who might like to connect and/or might have a shower they’re willing to let a wanderer use, please put me in touch!
  • I’m selling postcards from the road for $25 to fund the adventure — if interested, send $ and address. Although I write excellent postcards, I’ll admit I’m probably getting the better end of the deal. Take it or leave it! 🙂
Questions, comments, suggestions, connections are welcome! Feel free to forward this to folks you think might be interested / I might have missed.
With love and gratitude,

12 thoughts on “bonn voyages — The Great Trail edition

  1. Bonnie,

    As we discussed, please know there will be a bed, shower, eats and companionship for you in Cochrane. We are probably off your trek route but we could pick you up whereever is best for you. You are in our thoughts and hearts as you make this incredible journey home.

    Evermore, Ramona and Michael


  2. Bonnnnn!!!

    Would love to support your trek with a request for a postcard! Let me know how. 🙂

    From your old frangi friend!


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