warts and all

One of my favourite films, Helicopter Canada, commissioned for the 1967 centennial, opens with the line “we’re going to have a good look at her, warts and all…”

I love that line, the idea of “warts and all,” of being honest and open about the good and the brilliant, the strange and the shocking, and everything in between. I like to think that this is who we are, we Canadians, willing to open our doors and let folks in, show up as we are without putting on too much of a production or hiding anything under the carpet.

One of my intentions on this walk was to have a good look at this country myself, to fall back in love with Canada, to meet Canadians, to see what we’re all up to, what connects us, what lights us up, what we grapple with, and to get a sense of what makes us all unique, too.

The trail through BC — about 1,400kms — has been an incredible trip through majestic mountains, vibrant towns, and heaps and heaps of industry. In some ways the industry is the wart, but I’m grateful that @thegreattrail passes through it all — the massive wall of copper slag in Anaconda, the hydro dam in Castlegar, the insulation plant in Grand Forks, and a good number of logging operations, wood processing plants, and active and inactive mines. And companies and people in these communities asking questions and taking steps to do better by the planet and each other. It’s fascinating, and I wish I could linger in these places so much longer… There is beauty and testament to our human ingenuity in these warts, and opportunities to stretch our minds and the possibilities for balanced ecosystems and lives.

If you haven’t seen Helicopter Canada, what better time than the Canada Day long weekend! You can find it on YouTube if not on Netflix.

With gratitude, signing out for a 7-9 day stretch in the back country through the Rockies, my last few days in #beautifulbc before Banff and beyond.

📍traditional territory of the #ktunaxa

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