a new wild, a new suit

This scaredy cougar made it through the Rockies!

Daily storms — lightning strikes too close for comfort and incredible thunder shows — ensured I will not soon forget the magnificence of the mountains and the feeling of being so wildly exposed.

And without much fanfare, the foothills at last…

The walk through B.C. is its own brand of wild: unimaginable scale, range upon range of majestic mountain and incredible diversity of people, plants, animals, and culture. For me, B.C. was about exploring my rhythms, following my nose, and seeing where the path would take me.

In the prairies ahead, I sense a new kind of wild awaits… the Wild West, cattle and horses, wheat fields, wicked storms, and wide open spaces.

I’ve travelled a lifetime on curiosity, but I have still so much ground to cover. If B.C. was about getting my feet wet and following my nose, the Prairies demand discipline — a new suit for me to strengthen.

These days are my own; I’m up for the challenge 🌾

📍traditional territory of the #ktunaxa #stoney #blackfoot #tsuutina

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