home on the trail

It’s friends and family week for me on #thegreattrail !

I spent a lovely and much needed week catching up on sleep and touring around Alberta with my second cousins Mike and Ramona in Cochrane.

Next, I walked to Calgary and stayed with friends Jess and Ryan and met up with extended family Bonnie and Max.

After Calgary, I camped with West Coast friends Lisa and Char who are driving across Canada in their move from Vancouver Island to Halifax! Lisa is one of my two main hiking partners and walked with me the next day — a 37k day made breezy with her company!

Next up was my hometown friend Megan and her Swiss fiancée Chris who picked me up on trail and treated me to a night on the town and my first shower in a week in Drumheller.

From there, I backtracked a few kilometres by car to Acme, Alberta, where my cousin Andrea picked me up after her week of work training in Calgary (she’s in town from Ontario). We toured around for the weekend in Western Alberta and (sadly!) are about to part ways again.

Special shoutouts to my fur friends Nazarene, Archie, Koko, and Beau! Not included is my first travel partner, Codie, who I backpacked Europe with after high school. She now lives in Calgary where we had plans to meet up, but she delivered her first kiddo a couple weeks early on the day we were to meet! Congrats Code! 💓👶✨

So very, very grateful to spend time with friends and family over the last week. Seeing familiar faces and having a place to land for a few days has my heart full of gratitude and my pants holding up a little better, having been so well fed and cared for by these lovely humans. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It means so very much.

Next up, looking forward to picking up Momma T in a few weeks in Moose Jaw, where we’ll walk together to Regina! Having time with my mom to look forward to makes parting ways with Andrea a little bit easier today! 🙏👩‍👦✨

#gratitude #anothergrandday #anothergreatdaytobeus

8 thoughts on “home on the trail

  1. Oh this makes my heart sing. So happy you got a shower and good food and some familiar love and hugs. Lub you. See you soon. ❤️


  2. So glad that you have had a wonderful time in our old stompin’ grounds….continue to enjoy,,,hugs…stay safe…enjoy the flatlands


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