keys to the town

Today is “Saskatchewan Day” and the three month mark since I set out from Vancouver.

I was up at 5 to get my miles in before the heat of the day – a cool 28 degrees today compared to the 35+ heat of last week. I walked in to Mortlach, a sleepy little town with well-kept historic homes built up around the rail, and got the lay of the land from 83-year old retired farmer Frank.

Not much happening in town today — it’s a good day to be bailing hay, so everyone is out in the fields. Winter is the busy season at the café – the farmers are off and the kids are in school – but summers are slow. Might see a few of the town kids walking around, but even they keep busy collecting gophers in the fields for a nominal fee. “Good wages for a kid, though,” Frank says.

I ask about the museum in town, hoping I might be able to poke around for a while. It isn’t open, but the server at the café is going to call the folks on the museum list to see if they can’t get someone to come over with a key and let me in. “That’s what we do in this town — we all have keys and lend a hand when someone needs…”

Three months in, the sun is shining, the folks are friendly, and I might even get in a bit of history before the day is through. It’s another grand day to be walking this great land.

Traditional territory of the mountains Blackfoot, Sioux, and Métis.

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