wheat fields

Before setting out I mused about what it would be like to stand in a wheat field in a warm summer breeze…

This. This is it. Wind washing awn to wave; the old Bearpaw Sea alive once again.

Magic, life, peace 🌿

📍traditional territory of the #metis #sioux and #blackfootnation

#anothergrandday #gratitude #exploresask #saskatchewan #explorecanada #bonnvoyagesTGT

2 thoughts on “wheat fields

  1. Where else would you rather be than Happy Land😜
    From your posts and conversations it sounds like your TREK is going well.
    I wonder from time to time about all the days and nights on your own, does your mind begin to play tricks on you Bonn.
    Like make you fearful of the darkness or the unknown path ahead?
    I look forward to your return in the fall to hear all of the details of your TREK that you will not share while you are on it until you are home!
    love you tons Bonnie be safe xoxo😘


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