photo update: Elkford-ish to Cochrane

My Instagram story photos from the trail North of Elkford, BC, to Cochrane, AB.

As I gathered these photos to post, I was reminded of the feeling of accomplishment I felt walking the final 10 meters from BC into Alberta — my first province down!

In real time, I’m closing in on Winnipeg, MB, and preparing mentally and physically for the final stretch from Winnipeg to the Kawarthas.

I’m nervous. Fall in Ontario can go either way. I’m hoping for the best — sunny, warm days and spectacular fall colours — and preparing for a possible slog, reading up on how to keep warm, hydrated, dry, and well-fuelled when the temperatures drop and cold rains roll in.

In these four (!!) months on the road, I’ve had enough hard days, hit a handful of walls, and worked myself into a frenzy about possible dangers more than a few times. It’s a gift to walk day in and day out and to have this uninterrupted record of the things I feared, the things I faced, and the ways I walked through the challenges.

I’m learning that I’m a freezer. I freeze, literally and figuratively, when filled with fear. In the fight, flight, and freeze, I might like to choose flight, but I’m learning to embrace and minimize the freeze.

Fear weighs on me, wears me down. Being nervous about what’s to come makes the cool breeze seem colder and and stops the sun of the day from reaching my bones. But freezing has its upside, too. I’m learning I’m more inclined to freeze than to push on without intention, without a plan. When I get too out of sorts, I stop, take stock, sort myself out, find ways to lighten up, rest, reset, reframe. Inevitably, taking time to reflect and rest turns things around.

So here’s to freezing, to Friendly Manitoba, to closing in on Winnipeg, to four months of one foot in front of the other, and to all the people (so many, many people!) who have brightened my day along the way. My endless gratitude.

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