giving a shit

Yesterday before I set out I read that @millionbottlepledge completed a third cross-Canada run (yes, run!) picking up litter along Canada’s highways


Only a kilometre or two into my own walk yesterday I came across this cup and picked it up in honour of Andy, who I’ve never met but who has given me tips, encouraged me, connected me with people to stay with, and inspired me in my own journey


Anyone who has walked or cycled our highways will know that there’s an unacceptable amount of litter out there. One of the things I’ve most appreciated in following Andy is his* openness about how much distress this causes him. I’m sometimes reticent to be vocal about the insanity of our collective relationship with our planet, knowing there’s still so much more I could and should be doing myself, and opting to focus my attention on reducing my own impact, leading by example, and in doing so, preserving my own sanity


Sometimes I think to myself “who do people think is going to pick this up!?” but my next thought is “that’s not enough, either”


I think most people on my feed have enough sense and respect for our home, our environment, to not litter, but where do we think disposables go, even if they make it to the trash? It’s needless waste, and even if it makes it to a landfill, it’s still not enough, it’s still litter, it’s still not ok


In honour of Andy, in love for our environment, I invite you to do the thing: bring a reusable container with you. Deny yourself the treat of a drink if you’ve forgotten. A few coffeeless mornings and I assure you you’ll soon remember! Bonus points for going for a walk and picking up a few cups and cans of your own


Congrats, Andy, on three cross-Canada runs, and thank you thank you thank you for giving a shit


* pronouns confirmed


#nodisposables #environmentalism #thruhiking #thruhiker #thruhike #thegreattrail #legrandsentier #explorecanada #respectnature

1 thought on “giving a shit

  1. Great post! Timely as it seems… I (as president of the Greenwood Board of Trade) have started a weekly (Sunday) bonfire for the community. Along with the fire, we serve hot chocolate which can be purchased by donation. We encourage people to bring their own mug and if they do not bring one we do have disposable cups available for $5 or stainless steel reusable ones with a carabiner for $5. So far we have not had any disposable cups used!

    Thanks for keeping us up to date on your adventure Bonn!


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