4 thoughts on “photo update: Deer Lake to Corner Brook, NL

  1. Sorry to hear that you caught the plague Bonnie but also very glad that you weren’t down for to long. It took me about three weeks before I felt good enough to get anything done. Your pictures are gorgeous. I haven’t felt like doing anything since the end of February as Bill passed away and then five months later his brother passed away. I hope you are back to your own self and ready to hit the trail again and finish your trek. Take care. Vera


  2. Hi Bonnie, we think about you regularly. That was quite the experience you had with Covid. I picked it up at the end of our Ireland trip and tested positive when we arrived home. Then I generously shared with Reg even though we tried to isolate from each other.
    We did a bus tour of Ireland , Dublin to Belfast. There are a lot of hiking trails there, perhaps one day you can try them !
    We were in NFLD in 2014 and loved iit, especially Twillingate!
    We hope the rest of your trek goes smoothly. We appreciate your blogs.

    Regards, Reg and Donna East St Paul, Mb


  3. I’m so glad you’ve recovered, Bonnie. Gosh, Jennifer is a saint!! What a wonderful person she is, along with the many countless selflfess souls you’ve encountered. Truly happy that you have been safe during your adventures. ❤


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