behind the scenes: trail prep

After a busy winter I’m back on the Trans Canada Trail for “Walk 3.0”! Here are a few behind the scenes photos and videos that I posted on my Instagram last week before I set out.

Everything I’ll need (and carry!) for 6 months of walking 🚶 🎒
An inside look at what’s in my food resupply boxes 😋
A place for everything and everything in its place!

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Inside the pack:

As I did last year, I spent the winter dehydrating food to make my own food resupply boxes. I put together 11 in total — one that I started the trail with, four that my mom very kindly dropped off at the houses of friends of friends in New Brunswick and Quebec, and six that my mom and partner will mail out to Canada Post locations along the trail.

Each box has about 7-10 days worth of food, and many of the contents are similar, but no two boxes have the same mix. Here’s a look inside one of the boxes:

*started last week and am now 1/3 of the way across PEI ☺️

Questions about my gear or the trail logistics? Drop a comment below!

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