on the road again

Now Entering R.M. #231 – HAPPYLAND

After a long covid pause, I’m back on the @transcanadatrail for another 5000+ kms of everything the trail has to offer: being present for big landscapes and tiny connections, route mapping with sweet octogenarians, taking in hyper-local lingo, culture, food, ecosystems, and humans, and generally breezing through good days, bad days, and everything in between!

In other words –> 🤗 HAPPYLAND 🤗

Know anyone on the East Coast who might have a patch of grass where I can pitch my tent, a shower, or a mailbox where I can send my resupply packages? Hook me up! Teamwork makes the dream work and meeting friends of friends of friends is 100% the best part of the #TCT. We are all so connected, coast to coast to coast (and beyond!) I can’t wait to be immersed in it again, and to share it with you, too!


Thru-hiking advice from people who have been there

Want to know how to walk halfway across the country? With a whole lot of support!

Aside from the hundreds of strangers I met along the way, one of the biggest supports for my trip came from MEC, who recently published a great post on me and fellow thru-hiker Mik Turje. Mik hiked The Great Divide, a rugged and wild trail through the Rocky Mountains, very different from the semi-urban Great Trail that I walked which connects Canadian communities from coast to coast to coast. I loved the contrast and similarities between our thru-hiking experiences, but Mik said it best; “Come for the non-binary representation in the outdoors, stay for [our four] entire references to ugly crying!”

Click here to read the article.

Follow Mik’s trail adventures here.

interview with Marmoset on my podcast Gender Blender

A repost of my interview with Marmoset on the inspiration for my podcast Gender Blender and what the future looks like for gender. Find the original post on Marmoset’s website here.

“It’s not only women or queers who need allies — we’re all grappling with these issues. I’m trying to be really intentional about reaching out to all kinds of people… I’m genuinely curious about how different people think about and relate to gender, and I hope to expand the conversation to make space for everyone’s voice.”

– Bonnie Thornbury
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