that’s a wrap / post-walk intentions

Anddd that’s a wrap on Walk 2.0!

It’s a gift to take on such a big project, learn, learn, learn the hard way, and then take another run at it.

In the final week of this walk, I reflected on how content I felt this time compared to last time and all of the ways this walk was so different than the last. I was better nourished, less scared, more disciplined, and more open to the open road. Most significantly: I believed in myself.

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pivot vers la belle province

👋🏼 bye Atlantic Canada 🌊 // bonjour Quebec 😘

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry (Robert Burns, 1786).

I had such good plans for walk 2.0. Thirteen resupply boxes carefully prepared, route mapped, a 30k a day pace planned with plenty of wiggle room for field trips and rest days and making it home before snowfall. Coast to coast under the belt, was the plan!

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