Gender Blender: The Podcast

I made a thing! Introducing: #genderblenderpodcast 🗣

In addition to packing up my Vancouver life, wrapping up my work @simonfraseru, and planning for life on @thegreattrail, I’ve spent the last many months bringing this passion project to life.

Gender is my wheelhouse, and as a gender queer cat (pronouns: they / them / their), I get asked all the time about gender. A few years ago, I started asking the same questions of others and found the conversations that resulted endlessly fascinating. Somewhere along the line I decided to take these conversations into the public realm, and fast forward a lot of late nights and learning new technologies on the fly, #genderblenderpodcast was born! 😺

Find links below or subscribe to Gender Blender on iTunes, Stitchr, or wherever you get your podcasts. (Except Spotify, not there yet 🤗).

  • Meet Theo, a non-binary trans person living and working in Vancouver, Canada.  We talk passing, fitting in, pronouns, and navigating the medical system.  Check out Theo's music:
  • Today I’m talking to Corey, a self-described dude who plays guitar and vocals with Caribou Run.  We talk about dude culture, redefining what it means to be a man, learning to speak beyond the binary, and we even touch on the 90s […]
  • Today I'm talking with Jennifer Reddy, a warm, energetic educator and advocate creating space for learners in Vancouver, Canada. We touch on race, ethnicity, language, and intersectionality, and spend time talking about what it means to be an ally in gender and beyond.  […]
  • Welcome to Gender Blender, the podcast that explores gender with everyday people: what shapes it, how we define it, and the ways it shows up in our lives. Whether you’re a radical queer, a beer-drinking dude, or a regular ol parent who has […]

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