Gender Blender: The Podcast

I made a thing! Introducing: #genderblenderpodcast 🗣

In addition to packing up my Vancouver life, wrapping up my work @simonfraseru, and planning for life on @thegreattrail, I’ve spent the last many months bringing this passion project to life.

Gender is my wheelhouse, and as a gender queer cat (pronouns: they / them / their), I get asked all the time about gender. A few years ago, I started asking the same questions of others and found the conversations that resulted endlessly fascinating. Somewhere along the line I decided to take these conversations into the public realm, and fast forward a lot of late nights and learning new technologies on the fly, #genderblenderpodcast was born! 😺

Find links below or subscribe to Gender Blender on iTunes, Stitchr, or wherever you get your podcasts. (Except Spotify, not there yet 🤗).

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Amazing artwork by Mattie Dube @happybabycreative /

My podcast theme song is the amazing anthem LOVE//Warrior by @frankiesimonemusic via @marmosetmusic 

I’d love to hear your feedback — connect with me via my blog or Instagram and let me know what you think! .