the avalon peninsula

Things I’ve learned about Newfoundland so far:

  1. Walrus’ don’t belong here, but every so often one might come ashore for a nap and the crowds (and the @thenewfoundlandturnip ) will get right maggoty for it
  2. The @eastcoasttrail is most certainly the province’s best kept secret, and the locals do want your tourism dollars but they won’t ever charge you to use it
  3. Riots will break out if you take away their mustard pickles, and probably any other of their very unique foods: jiggs dinner, fish and brews, pineapple crush, cod au gratin, gravy and dressing, and purity syrup among a growing list of ‘must try’ before I leave. When I asked where I could get fish and brews, I was instructed to just ask any nan, “Nan, could I have some fish and brews?” to which I was assured the reply would be “oh yes, love, comes along!” (Except on Sundays, when it’s strictly Jiggs dinner!)
  4. I’d dies for the Newfoundland fish and chips. Seriously, I loves it!
  5. Last but certainly not least, the people are as lovely, lyrical, and funny as their reputation. There are only some 500,000 of them on the whole big rock, and 300,000 of those live in the Avalon peninsula alone — a fact that puts a small bit of fear in me for the 800-some kms to come! But! It’s quality not quantity, and they’re one hundred percent the absolute best kind, these Newfoundlanders!

Our hearts and stomachs are full as we set out past the peninsula and on to “central.”


📍traditional territory of the #beothuk, #mi’kma’ki, #innu, #inuit

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7 thoughts on “the avalon peninsula

  1. Explore everything you can in Newfoundland Bonnie. Everything and everybody we talked to were absolute stars. I just loved their laid back way they had about them and the senary..I really enjoyed all the Maritime provinces. Anyway enjoy the rest of your journey.


  2. Bonnie, so nice to hear your stories again. I see you have a travelling companion, nice for a change to share the experience. I still tell the bull story and having you for a night to stay. Please keep in touch. All is good here though spring seems loathe to properly arrive, hanging on to the last of winters coat tail. Cheers Kelly and Rob Lamoureux, Jura ranch , Princeton, BC (just in case your memory needs a jog). ________________________________

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