Thru-hiking advice from people who have been there

Want to know how to walk halfway across the country? With a whole lot of support!

Aside from the hundreds of strangers I met along the way, one of the biggest supports for my trip came from MEC, who recently published a great post on me and fellow thru-hiker Mik Turje. Mik hiked The Great Divide, a rugged and wild trail through the Rocky Mountains, very different from the semi-urban Great Trail that I walked which connects Canadian communities from coast to coast to coast. I loved the contrast and similarities between our thru-hiking experiences, but Mik said it best; “Come for the non-binary representation in the outdoors, stay for [our four] entire references to ugly crying!”

Click here to read the article.

Follow Mik’s trail adventures here.

1 thought on “Thru-hiking advice from people who have been there

  1. Bonnie, you’ve made it home. Congrats!!!! What incredible adventures and I see that you’ll be setting off on yet another one soon. Thinking of you and happy that you’ve made it home safely!


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